Welcome to the worldhood blog!

April 1, 2010

worldhood is a  new web site provides film makers with the online tools to create online channels using their own videos and photos. Our goal is to provide an alternative location for anybody interested in displaying images and videos online. We all know that there are giant web sites where you can go to upload your stuff, but more and more those sites are dedicated to using your work for their benefit rather than yours. You’ve probably seen the constant “in-your-face” advertising, so blatant that it now even disrupts the ability to watch videos or look at images without being completely distracted and annoyed.

We have created worldhood with the intention of giving users their own space to show off their photos and videos. We are not interested in hijacking your visitors and friends and taking them to other pages filled with advertising. Nor are we interested in distracting your visitors and friends from seeing precisely what they came to see: your work.

Sign up for worldhood today and give it a try!